A little bit about me.

about me

Before engaging myself in technology I obtained a Bachelor Degree in Marine Sciences, travel abroad and worked in stuff related with oceans and seas; in scientist investigation and production. But that is another tale. Now I sail across digital seas.

I started my training as self-taught graphic designer and web developer. And then I did some specific courses in Cáceres Chamber of Commerce, but specially in CICE, a school of new technologies based in Madrid.

As I always liked the mix of creativiy and technology at first I focused myself in graphic development. But slowly I started to study programming in order to create what I designed on a paper. By the wat, for my designs I use mainly Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

In the web development area I know of course HTML5 , CSS3 and some PHP.

Once I explored and sailed the web ocean I deciced to have a change and now I am moving myself in JAVA, but specially in video games design with UNITY usando C#.

By the way, I am UNITY Certified since September, 2017.

Here is my CV.

Always in movement.



I studied a Master in Videogames Development with UNITY in CICE, during 2016. The next year, 2017, I had my certification as Unity Developer.

Currently I am working in small personal projects and have good skills in UNITY, specially in 2d/3d games development, UI and Apps design. I also know some Unity Assets to design and develop games/apps with strong narrative content like visual novels or graphic adventures.

I tried some things in VR, using HTC Vive glasses, and AR with Vuforia. Also I explored other options like MySQL database interaction, social stuff, ...


I touched a lot of different areas, here you can find some examples. I did from graphic design to website design/develop.

Sakura Cafe Website

Website for a cafe with anime look; the customer wanted a colorful design, with strong tones mixed with pastel ones.


This company, a forge related business, wanted a simple design with a lot of pictures. Also they wanted a formal and corporative looks. Done with Wordpress.

Bea Abraira Portfolio

Personal website for a 3d artist. Also with Wordpress.

Liron & Home

The customer, a interior designer, wanted a website with a strong design and personality. This was a true challenge.

Esther Machuca

Another business website. This time for a finance consulting company, with a simple and formal design.

Galp Energía

This web was done for a contest organized by GALP. The guidelines were really strict so the design had to be adapted.


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I am a very accesible person so is easy so contact me. For example, in the column on the left you can find a link to my LinkedId profile.

Also you can contact me via email: iruizapo@gmail.com